BioCore: boost your muscles and increase endurance

The most advanced muscle and fitness system redefines your body, while providing high levels of vitality – BioCore, the combo pack that shapes you

Aiming to raise potential of the best body-building performers worldwide, BioCore introduces a revolutionary approach to the muscle and fitness trainings by packing an advanced formula promoting a balanced system, faster recovery and impressive muscle mass.

The power of the combo pack

With targeted goals, such as

  • lean muscular mass growth
  • testosterone and HGH boost
  • fast work-out recovery
  • ideal body-weight
  • high energy levels

the latest BioCore Muscle&Fitness system brings to the market four synergistic products especially created to maximize heavy training results.
Nitric Max Muscle, HGH Pro RX, Pure Green Coffee and Max Recover Deer Antler Spray can now be tested worldwide, via on-line offers by BioTrim Labs.

About BioCore combo pack

Nitric Max Muscle

Addressing leaner body mass and an accelerated healing process, Nitric Max Muscle boosts muscle power, while staving off fatigue and weakness, for an overall better training performance and an excellent health status.

Formulated with organic ingredients, Nitric Max Muscle contains balanced concentrations of nitric oxide and L-arginine, helping bodybuilders attain the best of results the natural way and in the shortest time-frames.


Nourishes the body, improves stamina and lowers physical burn-out risk. Loaded with vital elements, such as essential vitamins and amino-acids, HGH Pro RX promotes the physiological synthesis of the human growth hormone, at the same time delivering vitality and a youthful look.

Pure Green Coffee

With potent antioxidants, Pure Green Coffee reduces premature aging, diabetes and heart disease risks. Rich in chlorogenic acid and caffeine, the extract regulates blood sugar, cholesterol and insulin levels, while boosting adiponectin hormone. And you feel healthy and energized all day long.

Max Recover

With only one spray, strenuous body-building trainings and muscular tiredness will be history. Deer antlers extract is the revolutionary natural ingredient that will help you boost endurance and recovery, by lowering down time and fatigue levels.

When aiming unprecedented athletic performance and reach of maximum individual performance, choosing the right dietary supplements while heavily working out is the key to shape your body and maintain superior health levels. BioCore Muscle&Fitness System is the ultimate booster addressing main bodybuilding challenges: muscle growth, healthy hormonal levels, optimal weight, fast recovery time and improved endurance.