Get over harmful over-training effects with BioCore

Build lean muscle mass, stay healthy and loaded with energy – test BioCore Muscle&Fitness System

Intensive training routines require expert levels of bodybuilding or proper advice from a professional instructor to make sure your workout routine best fits your specific body-needs.

But what if there is a combo pack that helps you address heavy trainings, regardless final goal, body type and training routine?

Discover the latest innovation by BioTrim Labs! BioCore Muscle&Fitness – the system that keeps you going

To help you gain lean muscle mass and reach the body shape you’ve always wanted, BioCore System has combined four natural products that work in a synergistic way.

The complete muscle&fitness BioCore bundle will bring athletes the following outstanding benefits:

  • Visibly fast muscular development
  • Balanced hormones
  • Rapid recovery
  • Less down time
  • Excellent health
  • A fit figure
  • Extra-energy and vitality

What does the BioCore Muscle&Fitness box contain?

For this one, BioTrim labs has packed four muscle&fitness specific products: Nitric Max Muscle, HGH Pro RX, Pure Green Coffee and Max Recover Deer Antler Spray, each one with its specific target and indications.

Nitric Max Muscle

An all-natural testosterone booster that triggers full nitric oxide production, in order to boost muscle performance and endurance, while growing lean muscle and bone mass with each training session. Moreover, nitric oxide in Nitric Max Muscle promotes better sleep quality, arterial vasodilation, while alleviating:

  • articular and muscular pains
  • headaches
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • heart failure

The organic blend of Nitric Max Muscle capsules, also rich in L-Arginine, additionally limits muscle fatigue and general weakness, as well as assists higher energy levels, faster recovery time and a superior health status. As a plus, the product does not contain Creatine, so it’s highly safe for kidney’s health.


The replenisher that every bodybuilder needs to make sure its stamina and energy levels reach sky high levels. Rich in vitamins and essential amino-acids HGH Pro RX properly stimulates the body to naturally boost the production of the human growth hormone, for a toned and younger appearance.

Pure Green Coffee

Contains not roasted beans extract that contains significant amounts of antioxidants. Helps prevent diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, while the main active substance, chlorogenic acid, lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels and prevents insulin spikes. Moreover, by supporting the production of the hormone adiponectin, Pure Green Coffee is an excellent weight-management tool.

Pure Green Coffee benefits:

  • fights premature aging
  • accelerates the metabolism
  • provides consistent overall health support
  • delivers more energy (caffeine boost)

Max Recover

A revolutionary spray that alleviates muscular fatigue and the uncomfortable side effects of heavy trainings. Benefits:

  • No more fatigue
  • Enhanced performance
  • Higher endurance levels
  • Less painful side-effects
  • Less down time
  • Faster recovery

The BioCore Muscle&Fitness System optimizes athletic performance, replenishes vital hormones, assists optimal muscle growth and lowers recovery time-table. For best of results, try out now your trial period with BioCore Muscle&Fitness System and test the best muscle mass booster on the market.

BioCore is a BioTrim Labs original product.