Introducing a revolutionary approach to the muscle and fitness diets, BioCore’s advanced formulas provide all the necessary ingredients to help athletes and bodybuilders attain the desired ideal body-shape, while keeping a balanced system and supporting faster recovery from strenuous trainings.


The power of BioCore Muscle & Fitness System

All 4 BioCore products work in a synergistic way in order to help the bodybuilder:

  • Increase muscular development
  • Keep vital hormones levels balanced
  • Accelerate work-out recovery
  • Manage body-weight
  • Shape the body and maintain a fit figure
  • Gain more energy
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The latest complete muscle&fitness system

The BioCore bundle brings together four muscle&fitness specific products, as follows: Nitric Max Muscle, HGH Pro RX, Pure Green Coffee and Max Recover Deer Antler Spray.


Nitric Max Muscle


Conditioned in an all-natural supplement, Nitric Max Muscle testosterone booster increases the production of nitric oxide, to help athletes and bodybuilders boost muscle effectiveness, power and development, while improving the sports performance and overall body-health. Nitric Oxide also supplies nutrients and oxygen to the muscular cells, boosts the strength and the endurance of the muscles, sleep quality and encourages arterial vasodilation. Nitric Oxide is a substance the body uses when addressing dynamic muscular development. Besides helping muscle growth, Nitric Max Muscle helps the body alleviate:

  • Thoracic pains and claudication
  • Atherosclerosis, thrombosis and other cardiovascular diseases
  • Headaches
  • Heart failure

Nitric Max Muscle also contains L-Arginine, that has a nitric oxide synergistic effect, by increasing the size of blood vessels and finally helping boost muscle mass.

Summing up, Nitric Max Muscle boosts muscle power, while limiting fatigue and weakness. Moreover, it provides the user with higher amounts of energy, better training performance, accelerated healing process and recovery time, and an overall better general health.


Nitric Max Muscle ingredients


The product contains a blend of organic natural substances that provide the body with the maximum of functionality, at all times:

  • Nitric oxide
  • L-Arginine
  • A-AKG (Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate)
  • A-KIC (Arginine Ketoisocaporate)
  • OKG (Ornithine Alpha-Ketoglutarate)
  • GKG (Glutamine Alpha-Ketoglutarate)
  • Stearic Acid
  • Di-Calcium Phosphate
  • Cellulose
  • Magnesium Stearate

Benefits of Nitric Max Muscle


By using this exclusive BioCore product, athletes and bodybuilders can:

  • Boost physical appearance
  • Raise overall wellbeing levels
  • Supplying the body with proper amounts of oxygen
  • Boost muscle mass and bone mass
  • Enhance muscle endurance and pumps
  • Increasing sportive performance
  • Accelerate workout recovery
  • Reduce fatigue and boost alertness
  • Raise complex antioxidants levels

Moreover, Nitric Max Muscle lacks Creatine, thereby it doesn’t harm the kidneys.

Nevertheless, a healthy diet and intake of fluids, as well as proper workout sessions are mandatory for obtaining best of results.



This supplement helps replenishing the body’s reserves, as any bodybuilder needs to gain energy and improve stamina to avoid physical burned-out. HGH Pro RX uses a combination of essential amino-acids to stimulate the body’s production of human growth hormone, while delivering a toned body, free of free radicals that looks and feels younger.


  • Higher stamina
  • Higher energy levels
  • More vitality
  • A youthful look

Ingredients of HGH Pro RX

Each 1040mg capsule contains:

  • Vitamin B6
  • Tribulus extract
  • L-Arginine Hydrochloride
  • L-Leucine
  • L-Glutamine
  • L-Lysine Hydrochloride
  • Gamma-Amino Butyric Acid
  • L-lsoleucine
  • L-Valine
  • Colostrum (30% immunoglobins)
  • L-Ornithine Hydrochloride
  • L-Glycine
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose
  • Stearic Acid
  • Magnesium Stearate
  • Silicon Dioxide


Pure Green Coffee


Green coffee beans do not suffer the roasting process, so all the active substances and antioxidants can still be found inside the green coffee products. Considered to be a natural remedy against premature aging, green coffee also helps prevent diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

The main ingredient in Pure Green Coffee Extract is the chlorogenic acid, a substance that contributes to minimizing blood sugar levels and preventing insulin spikes. Moreover, by increasing the levels of the hormone adiponectin and lowering the cholesterol and triglyceride levels, the chlorogenic acid in Pure Green Coffee Extract helps the body attain better diet result and better manage the extra-weight.

Caffeine is the second ingredient of Pure Green Coffee that empowers the user to feel energized and full of vitality.


Pure Green Coffee benefits:

  • Antioxidant effects that fight premature aging
  • Accelerated metabolism that provides proper weight-management effects
  • Less cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Lower diabetes and cardiovascular risks

Max Recover


Muscle fatigue is the main set-back when working out strenuous body-building trainings. Deer antlers extract is the revolutionary natural ingredient to address harmful side effects of heavy trainings.


Max Recover Deer Antler benefits

  • Less muscular fatigue
  • Enhanced work-out efficacy
  • More energy and vitality
  • Boosted endurance
  • Less down time
  • Accelerated recovery

Ingredients of Max Recover

215mg per spray contain:

  • L-Arginine
  • Cervi Parvum (Deer Antler Velvet) Extract
  • Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed) Extract
  • Tribulus Terrestris (Puncture Vine) Extract
  • Niacin (Vitamin B3)
  • Aqua (Deionized water)
  • Glycerin
  • Potassium Sorbate



The BioCore Muscle&Fitness System brings to the market a stack of valuable all-natural four nutritional supplements that optimize athletic performance, replenish vital hormones, boost muscle mass and limit recovery time. BioCore includes products that empower a balanced every-day diet: a HGH supplement, a nitric oxide pre-workout product, green coffee beans extract and a useful recovery spray. BioCore is a BioTrim Labs original product.


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